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Muhga Eltigani, Naturall Club

We took Muhga through Money & Milestones when she hit a plateau in her revenue. After going through M&M, her money went from $2,000 a month to $20,000 and counting.

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Aisha DaCosta

Sometimes I question myself and if I’m the right person to go through this. The fact that Nichelle started where I am makes her relatable and helped me to trust the process. The exercises she gave me has given me huge breakthroughs as the process illuminated things that I didn’t know existed and that I needed to know.

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Paul c. brunson, usa today & black enterprise

Nichelle is going to emerge as one of the top entrepreneurial coaches and consultants in this country.

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Julian Kiganda, JBK Brand Design

Your words gave me life! Thank you for such a thorough and useful presentation on how to get funding for your startup. I loved your story.