The Money Milestones Program is not for you if

Money Milestones Program is for you if


✓ You want to build a service-based business that you love and increase your capacity to earn beyond your 9-5.

✓ You want hands on support to help you to navigate a step-by-step system to help you to turn your life experience into a six-figure business.

✓ You want to see real financial results AND to make a difference in the world.

✓ You want to be part of a network who are committed to helping one another to launch and grow a six-figure business.

✓ You are coachable, ready to learn and are passionate to implement.

x You do not have a desire to turn your life experience into a six-figure business.

x If you have more than one business idea and don’t know which one to focus on

x If you have a multi-level marketing business

x You think you can learn it all from free YouTube Videos, FB groups, workshops and blogs.

x You don’t want help and support from experts.

x You aren’t willing to participate to do the work and help one another to achieve your goals.

x You aren’t realistic about what’s possible for your business.