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Get More Customers Faster…

Consultants, online and service-based entrepreneurs discover how to get right paying customers and consistent revenue, so you can be full-time and financially-free.

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Are you…

  • Ready to make regular and consistent money in your business, but not sure how to do it

  • Knowing you have something valuable to offer, but can’t seem to increase your sales

  • Working a 9-5 for someone else and feeling undervalued or underpaid

  • Barely making enough in your business and desiring to go from surviving to thriving

  • Spending all your personal money in your business and seeing little results?

    Are you ready to have FREEDOM to spend more time with family, travel the way you want, become debt-free, and leave a lasting impact (aka legacy) on others?


You’ve spent all this time, money, and effort building your business. It’s time to see the returns!



Right Paying Customer Academy

A LIVE online program focused on training business owners how to get more customers faster, make more sales, and build structure to grow.


Right Paying Customer Academy is a LIVE 8-week program to get more customers faster, so you can increase your sales and grow your business profitably – even as a first-time entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs will complete trainings, exercises, and be coached through your launch or growth process. You will learn how to:

  • Find your RPCs (Right Paying Customers), so you can get more customers faster

  • Close more sales, so you can make regular and consistent revenue.

  • Create your Six-Figure Revenue Roadmap, so you can go from surviving to thriving


Structured Curriculum

Get access to a library of content, modules, step-by-step guides to help you execute.


Engaged Community

Engage with a community of founders all across the country in many different and similar industries.


Weekly LIVE Coaching

Receive weekly coaching by someone who’s experienced AND been in your shoes.




The main focus of the program is to teach you how to create a profitable business towards financial freedom.

When you join the program here’s what you get:

  1. Weekly Group Coaching

  2. Course Content (Including Exercises & Templates)

  3. Entrepreneurs Community

Even if you have a job, family, or a few hours to spare you can make your business a reality through this program.



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 So what will you learn:



✓ What to expect

✓ How to Get the Most out of your Experience



✓ Create Financial Freedom Framework

✓ Learn Six-Figures Revenue Math


MODULE 2: RPC (Right Paying Customers) FORMULA

✓ Find your RPC Profile

✓ Simple Survey your customer’s problems

✓ Interview your RPC



✓ Identify your Customer Core Challenges

✓ Develop your Transformational Solutions

✓ Create Content that Connects


MODULE 4: Marketing Content That Converts

✓ Create Your Offer

✓ PYO Formula

✓ Products That Sells



✓ Select your top RGG (Revenue Generation Goals)

✓ Create Your 18-Month GAP (Growth Action Plan) System


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Part 1: Live Coaching Calls

Group Coaching Video Calls to get your questions answered LIVE and “workshop” your business launch or growth

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Getting stuck? Join me on our group coaching video calls, and we'll “workshop” your business. 

Receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.

I'm 100% committed to helping you succeed in turning your expertise into your own business.


 Part 2: The Course


Step-by-step videos and playbook to help you launch and grow your business

Get practical, detailed, and thorough instructions, examples and resources inside #MoneyMilestones. 

Go at your own pace knowing you are supported every step of the way.


Part 3: The Community

Live daily support in our private, interactive community of entrepreneurs from around the country

Nichelle McCall Start a Business Workshop
  • Find partners & supporters for your business launch

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs in different stages of business

  • Learn what works (& doesn’t work) from other entrepreneurs in various industries


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Student Results

I just finished my first launch and I was able to bring in over $2,000. It was definitely her coaching and her encouragement that allowed me to actually put myself out there.
— Kimberly Bulgin, OH
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I appreciated your course. I look at numbers differently. I look at profit as a thing (no more just surviving). I know who I’m selling to and what to sell. I recently closed two clients and have a third one on the way. I am so grateful!
— Lawrese Brown, NJ
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 Who is this for:


✓ Consultants

✓ Service-based businesses

✓ Solopreneurs

✓ Freelancers

✓ Online Entrepreneurs

✓ Tech entrepreneurs

✓ First-time entrepreneurs


Money Milestones Program is for you if

✓ You want to build a service-based business that you love and increase your capacity to earn beyond your 9-5.

✓ You want hands on support to help you to navigate a step-by-step system to help you to turn your life experience into a six-figure business.

✓ You want to see real financial results AND to make a difference in the world.

✓ You want to be part of a network who are committed to helping one another to launch and grow a six-figure business.

✓ You are coachable, ready to learn and are passionate to implement.


Money Milestones Program is not for you if

x You do not have a desire to turn your life experience into a six-figure business.

x If you have more than one business idea and don’t know which one to focus on

x If you have a multi-level marketing business

x You think you can learn it all from free YouTube Videos, FB groups, workshops and blogs.

x You don’t want help and support from experts.

x You aren’t willing to participate to do the work and help one another to achieve your goals.

x You aren’t realistic about what’s possible for your business.

After going through the #MoneyMilestones process, Muhga went from $2,000/month to $20,000/month in a little over a year for her online natural hair care product business.
— Muhga Eltigani, Naturall Club
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Live weekly coaching.

Work alongside someone who's already been there to get your questions answered, get quick feedback, and get unstuck.


Hi, I’m your instructor Nichelle!

When I launched my first business in 2010, it took me 11 months to get my first client!! I was using all the free resources - blog posts, workshops, and books on how to launch a profitable business.

I eventually got there and years later was even able to close $160,000 in contracts in 90 days, but man did it take a long time!

The truth is with life responsibilities - bills, mortgages, debt, family – who has time to waste?

This is where I help you!

Since 2007, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses all over the world. I’ve managed two business accelerators, where entrepreneurs have made collectively over $3.6M in revenue within a few years.

I’ve also been an entrepreneur where I raised $1/2 million within a year (as a non-technical founder) for my own software company, making me part of the .02% of black women founders in tech to raise venture capital.

I’ve been blessed to be featured by INC Magazine, FORTUNE, ESSENCE, GLAMOUR, Crain’s, Huffington Post, The White House, Black Enterprise, BET, SXSW (South by Southwest), and more.

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 Ready to grow your business?

Let’s do it together!